Experience makes us fly, knowledge moves us beyond

In this open, crowded world of information we must not lose ourselves. This is why we chose the Homing Pigeon: the messenger who never loses his way.

The pigeon or homing pigeon, in its many races, is able to fly at the speed of 50-100 km per hour, and in a day can cover distances of 1000 km and over with an exceptional navigation skill in finding his place of origin.

We can define pigeons not only as bearers of news but also brothers of the propagation of knowledge. People say that Julius Reuter, founder in 19th century of Reuters International News Agency, at the beginning of his work used pigeons as "postal" messengers.

To technology we put the wings of the oldest ports traveler so that messages will reach their destination, messages that can be quickly read and used to increase people’s skills and ability to live the free trade market.

In the planetarium mosaic, where everyone tells their visions made of millions of information, we want to tell short but intense stories, full of personality. Thus was born the Moviexperience platform with an X factor of development, that "something" more put on the creativity of the participants, including customers, and the messenger pigeon that, for its natural gift, always achieve objectives.

Look-out on the Lido of Venice

Video Editing: "S.B.PoliTo"


Giornalisti e Comunicatori Europei a Marengo

7 luglio 2018


Aleramici in Sicilia

Notevole successo  per i "Lombardi" emigrati in Sicilia. A presentare i contenuti il caro e indimenticabile prof. Roberto Maestri che il 5 ottobre 2018 a Palermo e poi Piazza Armerina e Corleone ha documentato una storia meravigliosa dei Marchesi del Monferrato.
Su queste tematiche Maestri era veramente il numero uno ed è stato un onore averlo anche Presidente delle commemorazioni per i 1050 anni del Monferrato nel 2017.


La qualità italiana in mostra a La Mandria