Training cannot be considered as a separate system from the labor market, but it has got to be rethought in mind the set of organizational and technological contexts in which people have to operate.

UJCE - FormazioneIf knowledge is the main driver of competitiveness and innovation in a production system, industry in particular, this can only be supported by knowledge-based training systems.

To develop alternate mechanisms, proposing a new "dual system" inspired by the German method but also the Italian’s one in its enforceability given by the MIUR - Ministry of Education is the latest challenge of training.

It is a fundamental reengineering that regenerates an economy torn by crisis and, before, caused by years of insufficient public investment, lack of industrial policies, absence of international policy, all faults that are forcing to a powerful change of course.

It is at stake not only the Italian production system but also the entire European manufacturing revitalization through a number of coordinated measures such as the Industrial Compact and Horizon 2020 projects.

At the same time, other chain links and a processes of exchange and sharing of locally based knowledge would lead to a "cross fertilization" effectively creating multiple "local development matrix." Therefore, when we talk about a coordinated action we mean giving a new active support to national or local politics often groping in the void, encouraging the implementation of "best practices" within them.

Available training initiatives:

GREEN EUROPE è un progetto di Mobilità Transnazionale finanziato dal Fondo Sociale Europeo attraverso la Regione Piemonte.
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